The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

FRDM-K64F "not consecutive sectors" everytime

03 Sep 2014

I cannot use my board anymore. After copying a .bin file to the MBED drive a fail.txt file is created: "NOT CONSECUTIVE SECTORS". Regardless how many times I copied the firmware 20140530_k20dx128_k64f_if_mbed.bin In KDS 1.1.1 I get CMSIS-DAP Write and Read Errors. I do not have an external JTAG Adapter, it's more expensive than a new board. Any help is appreciated, Joerg

06 Jan 2015

I installed the new firmware 0220_k20dx128_k64f_0x5000.bin Now the text changes to "Flash algorithm erase sector command FAILURE". I guess the board is bricked and an external very expensive flash programmer is needed. Sorry, but the FRDM K64F board will go into the trash.

07 Jan 2015

After I installed the new firmware 0220_k20dx128_k64f_0x5000.bin .Thats exactly what happened with me and the FAIL txt message is changed to "Flash algorithm erase sector command FAILURE" how did you get your board to work again ?? what should I do to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

07 Jan 2015

Hi panto

I am using the same board. I am not using mbed for programing it. But i use normal kinetis sdk or keil . I use Segger open sda v2 as bootloader and it works fine for me. You can also try that.

Check this link

08 Jan 2015

Try to flash it via Jlink command line (using the opensda mentioned above. The command line can flash binary, find the command on segger website) or export any mbed program to IDE like uvision and flash it. Sometimes interface is not able to communicate with the target, it helped me many times.

08 Jan 2015

I haven't had this specific issue, but with other issues with programming I have used Keil and erased the target using the CMSIS-DAP debugger thats integrated. Generally it still gave me errors that erasing failed, yet after few tries, sometimes with some different CMSIS-DAP settings, this has always unbricked my targets.

08 Jan 2015

I'd suggest exporting any project, maybe blinky

See if the device is in a protected state. Sounds like it might be. Using the HID endpoint CMSIS-DAP Keil should prompt you to do a mass erase if this is the case with uVision. You should then be able to drag n drop program.

Please report back.

10 Jan 2015

I had the same problem and I was able to handle it. On my board also red LED was still weakly lightning...

1) Enable Segger J-Link Firmware for OpenSDAv2 as here

2) Use J-flash to erase target chip

3) Enable latest varsion of MBED Firmware FRDM K64F

4) And finally try copy HelloWorld_K64F to your mbed.

For me it works

10 Jan 2015

Hi kulwant and the other guys. Thank you very much for the good advice. Using the segger j-link firmware v2.0 "unbricked" the board in KDS, due to the automatic mass erase. Well I lost my confidence a little bit but I give it a second try, because it wasn't necessary to buy expensive programmer. Thank you guys for the help!


10 Jan 2015

I saw this post and and with the mention of "expensive programmers" thought I'd mention that segger does also make an educational version of their jlink. This would be useful to people wanting to try "offline" development with mbed and on their own boards.

13 Jan 2015

I second iain's recommendation - The j-link edu version is fantastic, very reasonable for the quality, reliability and speed. I would add, that it also works well when using the mbed compiler as well. Segger provides a utility "JLinkExe" that can load .bin files directly downloaded from the online mbed compiler. I use this to program 'bare' LPC1114fn28 MCUs with code compiled online.

The K64F segger firmware has worked equally well - fast and provides step-debugging when using an offline tool chain with Eclipse.

26 Feb 2015

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Maybe you figured it out for yourself, but for anybody who has thisissue please follow these steps.

1.) Go to:

2.) download OpenSDA V2

3.) enter bootloader mode(hold down reset while plugging in board)

4.) paste .bin file in bootloader

4.1)at this point your red reset led should still be lit. Its okay just proceed

5.) Download J-flash Lite from here:

6.) Select this device (MK64FN1M0xxx12 (allow security))

7.)Download FRDM gpio and program using Jflash.

8.)Red light should go away

9.) re enter bootloader mode and upload the latest firmware for FRDM-k64f

10.) Device should now read MBED.

Hope it works for you I figured this out after reading way too many threads on the topic.