The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

DAC (2x 12bit) ?

25 Apr 2014

As for 25.4.2014, it reads in the "Features":

DAC (2x 12bit)

Is this an error? I checked on the datasheet, and indeed the processor seems to have two DACs, but in the schematics of the board, only one is used...

This is misleading. I needed two DACs for my project. Please correct (or comment)


25 Apr 2014

I initially expected that it was just a matter of adding pinout for the second one, if that pin was externally available. But it looks like the version on the board only has a single DAC actually available (the second one is there, but it no pin exists for it). Digikey also makes the same error.

25 Apr 2014


Thanks for catching the mistake. the 100LQFP support only one DAC. Two DAC only available in 144 pin package.

Regards, TsiChung

25 Apr 2014


The DS covers several packages - 100, 121 and 144-pin. The FRDM-K64F uses the 100-pin version; therefore, not all the features will be the same as 144-pin. Section 5 of the DS list all the pinout for each package. If you need two DACs, TWR-K64F120M is a 144-pin version that might suit your need.

Regards, TsiChung

26 Apr 2014

To solve your issue ( not enough DAC's) you could get an external DAC such as the ad7390. You can usually get some for free from analog devices if you sign up and order a sample. You can get this in the 8 pin dip package to make it easier on a breadboard. It is SPI driven so also saves on the pin count. This is just one, there are others available with libraries already written for them. This would be cheaper than getting a new development board and is an option for you.