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Ethernet shield/module with ST Nucleo F401RE

23 Apr 2014

Hi All,

sorry if I am cross-posting, I had assumed I was posting in the forum but it ended up in "mbed Questions".

I just got my NucleoF401RE board and this the blink-LED example successfully. So far so good. What are the options on getting Ethernet working on this board?

I have an Arduino ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield and also an "official" WizNet W5100 Arduino Ethernet shield.

I see that there is an Ethernet Library mentioned in the "mbed Handbook" ( , but I am not sure it will work or has been adjusted for the STM32F401 processor.

Has anyone got this board hooked up to Ethernet? if so, how? Any other options that I might be missing?

Thanks, Mike

23 Apr 2014

Similar struggle here. The Cookbook shows how to connect an RJ45 socket to the LPC1768 board, As you say it's not clear how the pins translate from the LPC1768 to the Nucleo. It looks like the Nucleo doesn't have built-in ethernet support and the Ethernet Library wouldn't work then. If you figure it out please let me know. The advantage of the ENC28J60 is that it uses SPI so it doesn't matter whether the Nucleo has hardware ethernet support. There is code ("ArduinoShieldSPI") for the official Arduino shield which is built around the ENC28J60. The code is written for the FRDM KL25Z board but there's a good chance it'll work with the nucleo also. I plan to try it when I find the time.