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Export to uVision not working

11 Feb 2014


This /media/uploads/gjladwig/export2.bmp

mbed revision=76 Blinky is from the mbed library


11 Feb 2014

Hi Greg - Sorry about that. These are part of a betamode release and I didn't realize that I was using it. If you enable this specific betamode the exporters should work for you.

Edit: Make sure to refresh all open pages including the IDE.

11 Feb 2014

Yup...just verified it works in Beta mode....thanks.

12 Feb 2014

Hi all-

I'm playing with the debugger still...

Keil uVision appears to be loading my proj correctly, and it compiles fine...

When I drag the Bin into the mbed drive the program flashes and runs properly.

However when I try to use the uVision load-flash, it does not flash properly (fails 'verify') and hangs the drive.

As I said, it appears uVision is set up properly- here is the debug and flash configuration:



12 Feb 2014

Hello Greg Ladwig,

did you add the flash algo by yourself? I wonder why there's New Device 256kB Flash, not a target flash routine, for Kinetis L it's usually named MKxxL. Did you use export from the online compiler or created your own project in uVision? What version you are using? I believe above 5.00 ,based on the icon.


12 Feb 2014

Yes, used export from mbed compiler. The configuration settings, including the target device were all set by me- they did not come across in the uvproj file.

The 'New device 256k' algorithm is one of the choices that appears after the target device ARMCMOP is selected as the device- figure that must be the one to use.

yes, version 5.1.... would be a superset of 4.X I would think.

12 Feb 2014

I believe you don't have the correct flash algo. You should download them.

What package did you download for uVision? By default, kinetis flash algo are not part of installation. It was already posted somewhere on this site that they need to be separately downloaded. Link here

12 Feb 2014

"What package did you download for uVision?" Good question. I'm not sure....

I'm downloading now the separate file from Kei to se what's in it:

Version: 1.0.0 Keil.Kinetis_KLxx_DFP.1.0.0.pack Download

First Release version of KL Device Family Pack. <<

12 Feb 2014

Thanks....that took care of it. After unpacking the download, it notified that this pack was different than the one that uVision was using previously.

New and improved target options, ie freescale kl46Z, were offered, along with the appropriate flash algos. Changed settings...

All is well ;)