The LPC1114FN28 is an ARM Cortex-M0 based, low-cost 32-bit MCU, designed for 8/16-bit microcontroller applications, offering performance, low power, simple instruction set and memory addressing together with reduced code size ...

LPC1114FN28 End Of Life

22 Jul 2014

I received a notice from Digikey that the 28-DIP version of the LPC1114 has been marked as obsolete and is being discontinued after December this year. Here's a link.

Does anyone know if this will be replace with a new MCU or will there now be one less through-hole breadboard friendly ARM microcontroller in the world?

22 Jul 2014

We are contacting NXP, because LPC1114FN28 is in their 10-year promise list.

When I get accurate answer, I will inform.

24 Jul 2014

I've got a reply from the NXP management.

24 Jul 2014

This is great news! Thanks for chasing. This MCU is great for through-hole boards / breadboards (ease of use), also useful as a sub-processor.


09 Nov 2017

Unfortunately 3 years later it seems hard to find a distributor that carries them apart from a few on E-bay, though NXP still report "Active".

The LPC810M021FN8 is "No Longer Manufactured" as well.

09 Nov 2017
03 Jan 2018

It shows me just distributors and none of them have any on stock. Did you manage to buy some ?

27 Jan 2018

The TSSOP28 ones are available at digikey.

05 Feb 2018

I get that but it wasn't the point. The point was that while it lasted you could get an ARM processor in DIP format that fitted into plugblock or stripboard without the need to muck about with adaptors.

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