STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32F429ZIT6 MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity

When is Ethernet going to be supported on the F429?

05 Aug 2016

I just bought the F429 Nucleo specifically because it's listed in MBED as an Ethernet capable device. However when I try to compile with Ethernet I get a squawk that Ethernet is not supported on this target!!!

What is the release date for Ethernet on the F429?

12 Aug 2016

I don't have this board unfortunately, but does the old EthernetInterface library w/ mbed 2.0 work?

04 Nov 2016

Jan Jongboom wrote:

F429 Nucleo

Does someone have this board ? Can you confirm support of MBED OS 5 incl. Ethernet ? Does it work ? ...

Thans for reply. I need to buy board with ethernet so I am looking for someone's experience .... :o)

08 Nov 2016


Yes the Ethernet is supported on both mbed2 and mbed5.

13 Dec 2016

Hello, I am trying to run ethernet on nucleoSTM32F429ZI using mbed OS5, but stuck at this point:

In lwip_stack.c / mbed_lwip_bringup

if (!netif_is_link_up(&lwip_netif)) { ret = sys_arch_sem_wait(&lwip_netif_linked, 15000);


The sem wait is always timed-out, even though I increased the wait time to 90,000. Can you please guide me about this?