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How can I implement a low power wireless receiver with the microbit?

22 Aug 2016

Hello! I have a microbit device broadcasting a sensor value over the radio very often. This device has mains power. My second device is going to be low power, and run on a battery. This device needs to utilize deep sleep and have the radio off most of the time.

I am using the uBit framework with the mBed IDE / Compiler ecosystem. I am using the functionality, which seems like a very basic and simple way of sending data. Things seem to work fine on the broadcaster end, but i am really uncertain how the receiving functionality is implemented.

What i need is functionality which allows me to turn on the radio in RX mode for short amounts of time, and sleep the rest of the time.

I have considered BLE, but i need a 1->many system with some mesh features. I do not think the uBit BLE API lets me control advertising and scanning manually.

It might look like i must bypass the Microbit stuff and program this like a normal nRF51.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


23 May 2017

Dear Andres,

How are you doing? I also want do the similar things on the blue tooth using uBit framework. One microbit (Tx)- sending the Temperature value through Bluetooth to my PC/ Raspberry pi (Rx) .where i trying to push that data to some cloud server. Any thoughts ? Have you any new idea/help for your questions.

Many thoughts :)

With regards, Chandra