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bug/problem serial2 PB_3/PB_4

08 Dec 2016

hello There is a incompatibility for the serial2 with the new version of mbed Library. After the version 122:f9eeca106725 the serial link dont receive any characters.

Program used:

  1. include "mbed.h"

Serial bt(PB_3, PB_4);

int main() { int c;


bt.printf("Test BT\r\n");

while(1) { c = bt.getc(); bt.putc(c); } }

from the version number 123 we can't receive the conteint of the variable "c".

30 Jun 2017

Hi, The problem is still not fixed. I have to use the 122rev to get serial2_rx (PA_3) to work. Best regards

11 Feb 2019

happening the same, gonna use the same rev as suggested, thank you

11 May 2019

Hi , there can you help me to get a code for f303k8

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