☆board Orange (StarBoard Orange)

10 Aug 2010 . Edited: 22 Nov 2010

☆board (StarBoard) Orange, a mbed evaluation board will be released from mbed user community in Japan.

An mbed user @logic_star did the board design and took lead of this project. 6 mbed users contributed as beta-testers to evaluate initial version of the board from each viewpoints. Now the final version is up and runing!

The star board orange will be available in several styles like... just the board-itself, kit (board + components) or complete (assembled) board. For the time being, you can put pre-order at "Kiban Honpo" web site who is manufacturar of the StarBoard Orange (see http://www.kibanhonpo.com/blog6/).

For more details, please refer to StarBoard Orange notebook page by @logic_star (written in Japanese) :  http://mbed.org/users/logic_star/notebook/star_board_orange/ .

Support page (in English) is available now! (2010-Nov-23) : http://mbed.org/cookbook/Support-for-StarBoard-Orange

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☆ボード・オレンジは「きばん本舗」さんのサイトで先行予約受付中です (http://www.kibanhonpo.com/blog6/)。

詳細は@logic_starさんによる☆ボード・オレンジのノートブックページをご覧ください。 http://mbed.org/users/logic_star/notebook/star_board_orange/

サポートページ(英語)が用意されました! (2010年11月23日) : http://mbed.org/cookbook/Support-for-StarBoard-Orange

05 Oct 2010 . Edited: 05 Oct 2010



Original size pictures are here. Please use this if you needed. Click a picture to download.

You can use these pictures freely.

20 Oct 2010

Doesn't look like this board is going to be available in the near future outside of Japan.  But thanks anyway.  I used the schematic shown elsewhere to generate a KiCAD board layout, modified it a bit and am etching a board even as I speak

The availability discussion is on going at this URL. http://mbed.org/users/shintamainjp/notebook/starboard_orange_examples_en/

Please find the information how the people (outside Japan) trying to get the board.

Seems the shopping site for oversea shipment is available soon and a forwarding service available for the time being.

By the way, which part you want to modify if you are going to make a variant? Any feedback is welcome to make further better board in future.