CMSIS-DAP for Android

25 Oct 2013

I'd like to show a little project I did for fun:

It uses/requires USB Host support on the Android device (no root required).

Currently, it can only do Reset, Go and Halt, and show some device info, but if I get some spare time/inspiration, I want to implement Read / Write to memory too....

Maybe someone finds this useful :)

25 Oct 2013

Hello kjarvel k,

cool. However, I have to ask (out of curiosity), what is a use case of your application ? What did drive you to write this app?

31 Oct 2013

Hi Martin!

What drove me to write this app was:

  1. To explore the USB Host capabilities of Android.
  2. To explore CMSIS-DAP and ARM debugging.
  3. (insanity?) ;)

And now, (version 2.0) can actually read and write to memory! So, the use case is:

  • Impress your friends by using the first-ever debugger app for Android to manipulate your mbedded device/application.

(For example, modify the LED blink frequency of a 'blinky' demo in runtime, only using your phone).


01 Nov 2013

Hi kjarvel k,

Nice app!

When you say that you can modify at runtime the frequency for instance, how do you know the address where is stored this variable to modify?

Cheers, Sam

01 Nov 2013

Hi Sam,

In my example, I have the source code of a 'blinky' demo. The easiest way to find the address of a variable is to build the source code and look at the linker map file. You can also use a tool like 'nm' to find symbols and addresses in a binary ELF file.