UPnP protocol stack

10 Aug 2013


I made the UPnP protocol stack running on the mbed.

This is able to make the UPnP BasicDevice from your mbed.

Event and Control does not implemented yet, but this will be able to join the mbed to your UPnP network.

Import programUPnPBasicDevice

Simplest UPnP basic device example. This program to run UPnP basic device on the mbed.

05 Nov 2013

Hello, I am trying to use your library and sample program and I am encountering problems. I am trying to compile it all using Eclipse. (I have gotten many other programs to compile with this including a web server for mbed.)

The problem I have run into is that in NyLPC_cIsr.cpp the following function:

extern "C" void ENET_IRQHandler(void)
    unsigned long ulStatus;
    ulStatus = LPC_EMAC->IntStatus;
    /* Clear the interrupt. */
    LPC_EMAC->IntClear = ulStatus;


Generates an error on the if() statement: "multiple definition of 'ENET_IRQHandler'

If you could lend a hand in fixing this I'd really appreciate it!

I am VERY excited to use your code for a project I am developing. It will be a HUGE help to me!

23 Jul 2014

I am very sorry for super slow reply...

the core library of MiMic has many modifications since. Would you test least library?

09 Oct 2018

Hi Ryo,

Can i use your code to remotely update the firmware of NXP LCP1768?