XBeat - Easy mbed Robot

14 Jan 2011


my Name is Andre. Last year i saw the mbed and it was a must have thing. Then i played a little with this and i get the idea to build a really simple robot with this. Since November last year the hardware is finished. The goal was to develop an easy build and easy programmable robot fur pupils and students.

I did a lot of quadrocopter workshops at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. One of the most problems is that most people has no skills in soldering. Because of that and because i wan't have my own bot, i started the development.

I put some links about this project here an my notebook: http://mbed.org/users/hoppel/notebook/xbeat---the-mbed-bot/ I made all public: Schematic and Source files. Currently all descriptions are in german i didn't have time to translate this, sorry.

Currently there are a few software things i work on: Solving a maze and remotecontrol. Line Follow is working. A Friend of me has already implementet a shell for controlling via WLAN. Another Friend has written a Android Software for Controlling via Bluetooth. We will put this at our page in a few days.

Here is a video:

29 Jan 2011


I am the spanish guy who bought the xbee in the 27c3 :)

I must say it was worth the buy, I am now currently working on making a remote control and debug interface though a xbee modem

Why don't you release the xbee code through the mbed compiler shared libraries? It would be extremely convenient

Cheers from Spain :)

30 Jan 2011

Hi I'm the Swiss guy bought the xbee in the 27c3 :)

cheers from Switzerland

29 Jan 2012

Hallo. I have build the XBeat-robot but it is only driving forwards. Can anyone tell me how to place the jumpers? Have only set 5 jumpers on the ADC-pins. Are there test programs for example to test the floorsensors? Thanks, Jack.