Ping Pong juggling Robot with Mbed LPC1768

09 Jul 2015

I made a wooden plate juggle a ping pong ball.

It uses 4 mics for the determination of the ball position (the position of the ball, when it hits the plate, that is) and 4 servomotors for the motion. It was considerably cheap to make, there were no expansive things used.

The mics are not connected to the analog inputs of the LPC1768, since the processing speed would be too slow and you don't need an exact value anyway. The mics are, instead, connected to an analog processing circuit, which sets a flip flop when a certain output voltage is surpassed. The position is then calculated from the difference in time between 2 opposing mics.

The controlling is handled by a PID-Controller.

The source code isn't made public yet. But then again, the projects difficulty was more a mechanical one, then one of programming.

It took me over half a year. I had to rebuild the mechanical structure from scratch, at one point, because the original thing was too lousy.

I could publish the code if someone is interested. Leave me some comments or remarks for improvement if you feel like it!

(PS: The advertisement in the video is there because I used some protected background music. The decision to put background music in there is a questionable one in the first place, but I figured it was a bit dull without.)

19 Jul 2015


11 Apr 2017

Amazing... My congratulations!

20 Mar 2018

Hi, Tobias. I am zhenay and doing the similar project. Now our team are trying to using micro as you show in the vedio. I am wonder would you mind sending the code to me .


Good job !