Minimum components to run LPC1768

06 Aug 2010

Hi, folks.

I was just wondering, whats the minimum number of components to run the micro?

As I see it, it needs a crystal, to capacitors for that, and the LPC1768, then it should be running?
(of course, a program in  the memory).

Isn't that all?


06 Aug 2010

You would probably want to include a 3.3V regulator and some filter caps too. You can also run the CPU off the internal RC oscillator, however, I am not sure what kind of speed it can be set to. The R/C oscillator runs at 4 MHz.

07 Aug 2010


Dont forget an RC circuit to drive the nRESET line! we use 100k and 100nF.

You'll also need a pullup resistor on the ISP line to stop the LPC1768 executing the onboard bootloader. We do this with a 10k pull up on P2.10 (pin 53).

Lastly you'll want some 10k pull ups and pull downs on the JTAG interface,

If it helps, I posted this LPC1768 reference design which you are free to use however you see fit...

Hope that helps,