Is this real? Listed on FutureElectronics: LPCXPRESSO-LPC1768

09 Jul 2010

FutureElectronics has a listing for an "LPCXPRESSO-LPC1768".   One would guess that this listing is either an error or a placeholder (hopefully), as there's no photos or info listed.  It does however list a price of $29.95.

So - is there any truth to this?  Any hope that we might have a mass produced "target' board for those projects that dont justify their own custom spun board?

09 Jul 2010 . Edited: 09 Jul 2010

I'll answer my own question.  Yes it is real and its even IN STOCK at embedded artists.

Did anyone else know about this?

09 Jul 2010

Yes it is real.  I have one.  Very nice tool not quite as commercialized as mbed but nice.

09 Jul 2010

Yahooooooooo!!!!!!  I've been waiting for this.  Can't wait to get one.  Thanks Robert for posting this.

10 Jul 2010 . Edited: 07 Sep 2010

I've had one of the LPC1114 LPCXpresso boards for months, and the very cheap prototyping board for it.