Where can you buy the LPC1768 IC in the UK?

08 Jul 2010


Can somebody point me to a distributor with pricing information. I am looking to build a custom PCB.


Best Regards.


08 Jul 2010

Hi Martin,

It depends how many you are looking for.

You can ue www.findchips.com which will show you the places where you can get them. It will show both catalog based distributors and the larger vendor distributors, so yu can choose one to suit your volume.

If you have any diffilculties, you can message me directly.



Simples Farnell: Order code 1718549

09 Jul 2010

Hello Martin

I am a field aplication engineer working at Silica. We would be very happy to provide you with samples for a design. Also if you need advise on designing with the LPC1768 I would very happy to help you


Chris Parnell