hello wo.rld (Size: 1,824,009KB, Type: RLD file) file?

07 Jul 2010 . Edited: 12 Jul 2010

Hello all,

I had a curious results after executing a simple program to make a text file on the mbed module(drive F: on windows 2000, 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4).

I have just found a curious file on the mbed, of which filename is "hello wo.rld", and size of  1,824,009KB. And its updated date shows "2030/10/08 4:11". Moreover, the explorer shows areas of this drive F: as used space of 121KB, and open space of 1.85MB. The total size of files except "hello wo.rld" is 114KB.

I've got this result after the second run of "Hello World!" program which has just been added 2 more lines of  fprinf statements similar to "fprintf(fp, "Hello World!");"

The first run completed without problems. The first run was the

sample program taken in the section of LocalFileSystem without any changes.

Although these peculiar files conditions on my mbed module, I have just succeeded in retrying to run "Hello World!" program once again without problem!

I hope any suggestions will help us much!

Thanks in advance!















12 Jul 2010

Hi all,

We are also talking with mbed.org Japan team regarding this topic.

I think it would be more convenient for me to explain this complicated results in my native tongue. Thank you, mbed.org Japan team!

We'll appreciate any more suggestion or information posted here from now on,  re-visiting here to see if any other posts be found.





12 Jul 2010

Hi Taro-san,

This problem is caused by the file system on the mbed Microcontroller becoming corrupt. The problem can be solved by formatting the disk, as you would for any USB flash disk. Be careful to make copies of other files on the mbed microcontroller that you wish to keep, as they will deleted too.

Are there any ways we could help support the mbed.org Japan team for better support and problem solving in the forum?

Best reagrds,


13 Jul 2010

Hi Chris-san,

I will format my mbed later. For the time being, my mbed works well with some file system corruptions! And, I must report here that, yesterday, my giant file on mbed was disappeared, leaving some apparant defects in the file sysytem.

I collect supporting information about mbed here, and from the Japan support team. I will post my questions here anytime I need to get information.