LPC1768 Altium library

18 Jun 2010

Hi folks!

I've been searching the net all over for a library for the LPC1768 part. But I can't find it anywhere.
Only the part you've given for eagle.

Is there anyone who knows where to find that part ?!


/ Lerche

18 Jun 2010

It doesn't have a generic LQFP100 outline?

18 Jun 2010

Entering "SOT407-1" in "Package Reference" here produces 6 hits, I'm not sure what's the difference between them.

18 Jun 2010

I've tried, but it seems I will have to go with eagle... Not my favorite choice...

18 Jun 2010

What's the problem with the files in my link?

18 Jun 2010

Nothing, don't worry, just didn't wan't to install eagle, when I had the Altium installed already ;-)

18 Jun 2010

Um, my link is to Altium library?...

18 Jun 2010

I know, but i chose eagle, cuz the primary stuff already is there :D

19 Nov 2010 . Edited: 19 Nov 2010


Check this Eagle library which is designed for mbed kit


15 Feb 2014

I have just made a Mbed Library for Altium, since i couldn't find any on the Web...

You can access the Git repo here: https://github.com/ivanseidel/pcb-libraries/tree/master/Altium

28 Apr 2014

Some notes on the LPC1768 Altium footprint linked above:

1. The width between the two rows of pins is incorrect. The pins on the chip are only 0.9" apart, NOT 1.0" . 2. While the pitch is correct, the hole size in the drawing is smaller than the headers used for the mbed.

We caught the first mistake while laying out the PCB, but the second one surprised us when we built our board.

Thank you for providing that link though Ivan.

15 Feb 2016

For anyone that needs a Altium integrated library for the MBED_LPC1768 please see the attached git repository.


This has been used on a recent project so can confirm it fits correctly (see attached images)

Hope it's of use to someone at some point!