Serial Flash IC

26 May 2010

Hello, Everyone.

I'm looking for a serial flash IC to store a few bitmaps in.  However, I have no experience with any particular part.  Can someone suggest a good part to use?  >2MB would be nice.

26 May 2010

Hi Chris,

I've used the AT45 serial flash part from Atmel, they are availble from 1Mbit (128kB) to 64Mbit (8Mb), all with the same serial interface.

It just so happens that there is a class in the cookbook that abstracts it as a 512 byte block interface, and a random access byte read/write interface. The latter is great if you want to treat it like slow RAM for generic non-volatile storage, the former is perfect if you want to sit FAT on top of it and run a filesystem.

I wrote the class a while ago, and know there are some improvements needed, mainly in using the SRAM buffers for block caching, to save doing a flash read-modify-write for every access.

Check out :




26 May 2010

Thanks, Chris.

That was exactly the part I was considering.  I'll give it a try.