SD cards

I've been trying a bunch of different SD cards with the current library and some work, some don't.  The cards that work (so far) are the A-Data Speedy 1G SD, and Kodak 2G SD.


The PNY 2G SD, and 4G microSD with SD adaptor, and SanDisk 256M SD did not work - Illegal command error during init.



21 Aug 2009

We're planning an I2C and an LCD test rack. Maybe an SDCard rack is on the cards :)

31 Dec 2009 . Edited: 31 Dec 2009

Hi Scott,

I've just done some updates which should support more cards. Can you retest (code here):


And post back to


Sure, however, it will take a couple of days, I just got my LPC1768 mbed yesterday (nothing wired to it yet), and my beta board is being used on an I2C project.