mbed editor

26 Mar 2010

I have just run into an editor problem with mbed/compiler. When doing several cuts/adds in the editor the editor seems to get lost; seems to display the lines out of order.

I saw this with a C file as well - both files were started as New file, then paste/cuts and so on.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


MBED w/ LCPXpresso Base Board





26 Mar 2010

Thanks for the report Rick. I'll raise a ticket for it and we'll see if we can track it down.

btw, if you do come across any repeatable sequence to reproduce it, that would be very much appreciated!

Thanks again,


29 Mar 2010

I have noticed this too, lines dissapering when i have done cut and paste in the editor.


09 Apr 2011

I experienced the same problem with cut & paste this week. There has to be a way to use an off line editor to avoid this frustration.


10 Apr 2011

This has happened to me too, lines or bigger chunks sometimes get duplicated, usually after major code reorganisations. This leads to errors in unexpected places.

13 Apr 2011

Yup, after months of rest, it's happening again. It has just jumbled my code for me after a big ol' cut and paste. I saved before I realized it had happened. Great.

By the way, Bob, you *can* use an offline editor by exporting and importing your project. It stinks, but you can do it. I recommend exporting your source *before* the online scrambler works on it.


- Gary

13 Apr 2011

Hi Gary,

We haven't changed the live compiler in a while, so it sounds like you and Bob have hit a corner case that must still exist, despite the fix we applied a long time back to solve the earlier reports in this thread (March 2010).

I've raised a ticket, and we'll aim to fix this. The main work will be reproducing it, so if you do have a sequence that will be useful, but we'll try and reproduce it ourself too.

Thanks, Simon

btw, note that even if you've saved your work, you should still be able to use undo (not that is a substitute for fixing the bug!)

And I'm finally happy with the version control model and interface we've been working on, so after it has gone through testing we'll be able to put that on beta soon! Hopefully another useful tool to add to those to help you work.

13 Apr 2011

Simon -

When this happens, undo is a very bad thing and only makes things worse. I have had it happen off and on over the last few months. I usually catch it and hit refresh on the browser and then continue working, but this time I didn't notice it until I had saved and gotten a bunch of compile errors because the code was jumbled. The particular code I was working on at the time was very short, so I don't think it's an overflow condition.

It seems to me that it happens when copying code from one project and pasting it into another. At some point, the line number pointer gets confused and pastes the new code anywhere from several to many lines away. Trying to select the code shows the blue "selection" in the wrong place. Also, simple editing (typing, delete, etc.) shows up at the same offset, so it really looks like a pointer issue to me. Perhaps it forgets to update the pointer when changing from one project to another, and pastes it at the offset it came from, not where you want it.


- Gary

13 Apr 2011

Thanks Gary! That'll be very useful to help narrow down how to reproduce it.


26 Oct 2016

There appears to be a fundamental copy and paste bug with the Editor.

Although it is possible to paste from a previously copied external source, ctrl-C from within the editor has no effect and right clicking the mouse and selecting the usual copy and paste option produces an unhelpful pop up making reference to ctrl-C or ctrl-v.

If it is configuration related, I am using a HP i7 with Windows 10 and Edge.

28 Jul 2017

I am having the same problem with ctrl-C when using Edge on Windows 10 ctrl-C does not copy anything to the clip board and ctrl-v paste what was previous placed on the clip board by another application.

Highlight and right click just display a use ctrl-C dialog therefore cut and paste is still totally broken