KS0108 LCD

17 Mar 2010

Hey Guys!

Could someone tell me if there is any API to interface with a 128x64 graphical LCD ( I got it from here: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=710), I believe it uses the KS0108 chipset. I've attached a picture of the LCD below. I'm using the 1768 mbed.

Thanks in advance.


19 Mar 2010

Made this a while back. It's not the best written code in the world but should work.


19 Mar 2010

@Anders: Thanks! It works perfectly. =)


19 Jun 2010 . Edited: 19 Jun 2010

Edit:   Never mind, I figured it out!

20 Aug 2010

Hi guys:
Can you send a photo or data table with the pin connections between the display and mbed?

Thank's in advance.

20 Aug 2010

What is the file Display.h included in the Displaytest program? It doesn't seem to be part of your project.

20 Aug 2010

If you select import program in the compiler window, and import DisplayTest, it would bring in the Display library as well.

Alternatively, select your current project (the one with DisplayTest but without the liobrary), right click, select import library and chose Display from the list in the lower pane.

Make sure you have import as library selected.

20 Aug 2010

Thanks, Romilly.

21 Aug 2010

I found pin connections on source code  :

Display (PinName _RS, PinName _RW, PinName _E, PinName _CS1, PinName _CS2, PinName DB0, PinName DB1, PinName DB2, PinName DB3, PinName DB4, PinName DB5, PinName DB6, PinName DB7);

Thanks guys