LPC 17xx DSP Library from NXP

06 Mar 2010

Hello mbed community,

I have a couple of mbeds I'm using for projects at school and I wanted to ask if anyone here has had any success obtaining the DSP Library for the LPC 17xx from NXP.  Their website has an nice little app note that details the functions included in the library:

  • Biquad filter
  • Fast Fourier transform
  • Dot product
  • Vector manipulation
  • FIR filter
  • Resonator
  • PID controller
  • Random number generator

The problem is they don't provide any sort of public download for the library files.  You have to submit a technical support form and request the library.  I have tried several times to ask for a copy but I get no response whatsoever.  Has anyone here had more success?  Do any of the mbed staff have contacts at NXP that could provide an official comment on why they are protecting this code so carefully?

If we could get access to this code I thought it might be cool to create an mbed library or example project so more people could make use of it.  Any thoughts?

06 Mar 2010


We are working with NXP to make these libraries in the online compiler, so that you dont have to do anything to make use of them. It's going to take a little time to put in place, but it is work in progress.

Hope this helps,


06 Mar 2010

Yeah, apparently if you don't have a sales contact with NXP you don't count as a customer :/ I couldn't get any replies to my requests either.

In the meantime you can have a look at my port of STM's library: FFT

30 Apr 2010

These files are posted on NXP's website.  Look for AN10913.  It will be available in a zip file which includes the code.

20 Jun 2010

Chris, any progress on this library?  I'm just about to write a PID routine.

Cheers, Shareef.

09 Mar 2011


10 Mar 2011

Hi Igor,

See http://mbed.org/forum/bugs-suggestions/topic/1980/; I was waiting for the official CMSIS DSP library once I knew it was under development. You can hopefully now try it out!


10 Mar 2011

Thanks Simon, I just had a look at that. It looks great!

06 Mar 2012

Hate to resurrect an old thread but I've imported the 'dsp' library and can get the files to start compiling, but after a point it gives up, returens 'Success!' in the build window but no binary is returned. Has anyone else successfully built and downloaded the ARM CMSIS-DSP library?