Preliminary eLua Port

25 Feb 2010

Hi -

This has been some time in coming, but there is finally a basic port of Embedded Lua (eLua) for mbed.  The key goals of the project are to bring a full Lua environment to embedded hardware, with support for various peripherals accessible and controllable from Lua itself.  For more information on the project in general, check out the project page here:

The mbed port currently does not use the online compiler or the mbed libraries, and is built using an ARM GCC toolchain.  At the moment a minimal number of peripherals are supported, but the list will grow over time.

I've currently got a notebook page set up to note how the port is progressing. Documentation specific to this port will appear on the eLua project page at the time of our next release.

eLua Preliminary Port

Feedback is welcome, but be aware that this is not a stable release yet, and as such things may change/break :-)

08 Mar 2010

UPDATE: Basic filesystem support has been added, so reading and writing files on the MBED on-board filesystem is now possible.  Details available at the "Preliminary Port" notebook page linked in the original post.