mbed for CoIDE (stm32f051 discovery)

05 May 2014

Hello Guys :-)

I very like mbed library :-) I prepared mbed library for CoIDE environment (freeware) for "stm32f0 discovery" platform. In attachment you find working project with example for this platform and IDE.

Downolad project: /media/uploads/fredlak/mbed-src-coide-stm32f051r8.zip

Best regards nad have fun :-)

04 Jul 2014

Hi Adam, This is Damon. I'm testing your code that about serial. Below is code. When I compile this code in CoIDE, it works well ( I can see blinking LED 1 and 2) When I compile with delete 'comment character' , it doesn't work serial even LED blinking. Could you see and check my code?

  1. include "mbed.h"

float delay = 1.0; 1 sec int buffer;

DigitalOut myled1(UART1_LED); LED for RFIDConverter DigitalOut myled2(UART2_LED); LED for RFIDConverter DigitalOut uart1_de(UART1_DE); Control pin for UART1 DE DigitalOut uart2_de(UART2_DE); Control pin for UART2 DE

Serial pc(PA9, PA10); TX, RX UART1

int main() {


while (1) {

delay = 0.1; 1 sec myled1 = !myled1;

wait(delay); myled2 = !myled2;

pc.putc(pc.getc() + 1); pc.printf("Hello world");

} }

04 Jul 2014