Error: Cannot open source input file "fsl_enet_driver.h" while trying to compile EthernetInterface for FRDM-K64F

25 Apr 2014


While trying to compile the UDP Echo Server from the example section ( for the FRDM-K64F board I get the following error:

Error: Cannot open source input file "fsl_enet_driver.h": No such file or directory in "EthernetInterface/lwip-eth/arch/TARGET_K64F/fsl_enet_driver.c", Line: 33, Col: 29

I looked around and for sure, couldn't find this file. Though the c file is there (it's the file that's looking for the header).

What's missing here? Looks like there's partial support for Ethernet (since the target folder for the K64F is present), but the headers are missing.

Thanks, Jean

25 Apr 2014

Until sometime next week you'll need to use the mbed-src library. Delete the mbed library from the program and import mbed-src into the program.

There are some changes here that haven't been built into the mbed library release yet but are required for FRDM-K64F Ethernet support.

25 Apr 2014

Thank you for the reply, this got me going.

25 Apr 2014


I got Ethernet compile errors if I use mbed-src with anything newer than build 167. Latest build 171 is also an issue.


25 Apr 2014

Maybe Jean-Sebastien Stoezel can share his example that works with you?!?

25 Apr 2014

I am not too sure how to do this.

28 Apr 2014

What is the official status of Ethernet support for the FRDM-K64F? After importing mbed-src I was successfully able to compile a TCP Echo Server example.

Unfortunately, I am running into issues with connect() always returning -1 (

Thanks, Cameron

05 Jun 2014

I would like to make the OAuth example for FRDM K64F but with out succesfull, could be any provide a example with that?