Convert analog in to analog out?

02 Feb 2010

Pins 15-20 (except 18) are pre configured for analog in.  I am in need of several analog out connections to power external indicators (alarm buzzers and lights).  Is there an easy way to reconfigure the input to output?  I do not see anything in the hand/cookbook, nor the forum search.  Maybe I just missed something.

The pwm outputs (21-26) are occupied with an LCD display


Thanks in advance



04 Feb 2010

Hi James,

It is probably easier to think of pins 15-20 as being configurable as AnalogIn, rather than preconfigured as such. They're not really anything until you define them.

If you want to use pin 18 as the AnalogOut, you can do so easily, some information and examples of the API cna be found at :

Hope that helps,


04 Feb 2010

You could try a multi-channel DAC?

Or maybe write some code to simulate some more PWM outputs?