mbed program does not start after loading with keil uVision (with CMSIS-DAP debug)

28 Mar 2013

Hello everyone, I have a problem with mbed LPC1768 and keil uVision mdk-arm (version 4.70). I downloaded the example Serial_HelloWorld_Mbed (https://mbed.org/handbook/Serial), I've compiled and loaded on mbed (through CMSIS-DAP). once finished the loading the program is run and see the output on serial TeraTerm but if I press the reset button of the mbed program does not run and this happens with all programs, even with a simple helloworld. How can I fix? Thank you all!

28 Mar 2013

Hi Dario,

Do you have any .bin files on the MBED disk? If not then this is the expected behaviour: If no .bin files are available in the external flash, then the interface chip keeps the target in reset.

Cheers, Sam

28 Mar 2013

There are no .bin file on the disk. Now I tried to compile with uVision and I dragged the file .Bin inside the disc. Now every time I compile and load the program with uVision using CMSIS-DAP the mbed works perfectly, even when I reset via the reset button.

thank you very much Samuel!