WiflyInterface hangs on server socket bind and accept

11 Jan 2013

Hi everyone i'm having issues with an RN-XV updated to the latest firmware. When i use the WiflyInterface TCPServer socket the application hangs on the "bind" call. (wifly associated and got ip, correctly pings the router). I edited the library removing the reboot call inside the bind method and everything works.

Then i connect to the mbed server with a TCP connection from the pc, the red led on the wifly becomes solid but the client doesn't consider the connection established and the mbed app hangs on the "accept" call.

I inserted some printfs in the library and it seems that the code in the accept method never gets past the "readable".

Someone can help ???

Thanks a lot guys

11 Jan 2013

Hi Pietro,

Can you post your code? Usually when a client connects to the tcp server, the mbed received "*OPEN*". Apparently it is not receiving it. The string sent to the mbed when a connection has been established can be configured. I assume you did not modify the default value (which is *OPEN*) ?

Can you post the log by enabling the debug mode in wiflyinterface/wifly/wifly.cpp:

#if (1 && !defined(TARGET_LPC11U24))

Cheers, Sam