Getting started on Ethernet

21 Jan 2010 . Edited: 21 Jan 2010

I wrote a little tutortial on how to get started with Ethernet here:

I included a testing application which uses DHCP and displays some status indicators and serial debug data. Personally, I think its a little better of a test app than the HexSniff and arp spam app because you only need a web browser to verify that your ethernet is indeed working.

I wonder if there is a way to make this stuff more accessible? For example, I found Rolf's page pretty useful, but I needed to do a bit of digging to find it...

22 Jan 2010

I would agree..  Some method of making these things easier to find would be a great help to me..  I found this tutorial extremely helpful, as a few others and some very useful tips from others on this forum..  Although, I might have to ask less stupid questions if there was a nice index to browse rather than a search box that leaves it up to tags and the like to get lucky.  Call me crazy, and I've seen better.. but even parallax has a object browser for their propeller chip. 

At any rate, thanks Michael for creating the tutorial....and for posting this!


06 Feb 2010

Michael, if you don't mind my asking...  How would one initiate a connection via a specific port to a specific IP address and send a small string to another device using this?

09 Feb 2010

Nice, Very nice.