adding mbed of different type to account

13 Nov 2012

I'm missing something simple. I've been using lpc1768 mbed's for year, and just received an lpc11u24 mbed. I clicked on its mbed.htm file, then logged in with my existing username and password on the login page that came up. I still don't get the LPC11U24 target option on the compiler though. How am I supposed to make that happen without creating a new user account?

Thanks, Ralph

13 Nov 2012

Hi Ralph,

The best way to do it is this :

  • Log in to your existing account, with its existing LPC1768 license
  • Open up the mbed disk on your mbed NXP LPC11U24
  • Drag the MBED.HTM file from your mbed NXP LPC11U24 into the browser (or click to follow the link)

The page should refresh and say something like this (In this example I added an LPC1768 license to an account that only had LPC11U24) :


If this is not what you;re seeing, please let us know!

Thanks, Chris

13 Nov 2012

Thanks, Chris, that did it. I guess I just did things in the wrong order. If you click on mbed.htm before you are logged in, it doesn't work.


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