Tera Terminal for second MBED

06 Sep 2012


I have successfully displayed the pc.print outputs from one MBED to my pc screen using Tera Term. However, I now have a second MBED with the same code, but Tera Term does not see it - there is no MBED COM 4 option on the serial drop down list as there was with the first one. I can't see this problem in the forum and the Tera Term set up pages don't seem to address this issue.

When I look in device manager only the first MBED can be seen on COM 4 when it is plugged in, but not the second one. Although the pc sees both MBEDs as USB mass storage devices.

I guess I need to do something like tell my pc to see the second MBED on COM4 - but I can't see where to do that.

Any ideas?


06 Sep 2012

Well that mbed will get a different comport when it is installed. I would guess the problem is you didnt install it, each mbed needs to be installed seperately (Dont ask me why, other USB<>serial converters have only to be installed once).

10 Sep 2012

Yes, installing Tera Term with the second MBED connected resolved the connection. Thanks

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