Can the Microbit access USBMouse and USBKeyboard code

15 Oct 2019

Can the Microbit access USBMouse and USBKeyboard code


I posted this as a question but have not got a reply so a thought I would raise it on the forum.

I have a small project that would use an accelerometer to move the mouse around the screen. I also have 3 Microbit boards (the only boards I currently have with accelerometer) and I am a fan so I tried to implement the project on this.

I am using the online mbed compiler.

I had significant trouble getting sample accelerometer code to compile. I finally got it to work using the code from:

This is the ONLY example that compiles cleanly an runs.

So now my issue is the USB Mouse (Mouse/Keyboard HID emulation). When I go to the 'mbed' imports I cannot get it to compile. I select fix and it imports some stuff then I get different issues. I googled the results, did an update all as recommended but this dis not resolve the issue.

Can you please tell me if what I am trying is possible with the existing mbed/microbit libraries? I need both accelerometer and USBMouse/Keyboard.

I do not think I would be able to code my own USBMouse HID complient interface, I spent some time looking at the mbed code and read the HID spec and while I understand the basics it is way too complex for a beginner like me.

Please could somone assist



18 Oct 2019

Hi Stuart,


microbit is with NRF51 on it, so checking if it supports usbdevice in targets.json

It doesn't support USB device function, so unfortunately, you might need do porting effort on it, if you would like mount microbit as a usb device...

Regards, Desmond

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