connect my microcontroller to the PC

18 Sep 2019

Hello everybody, I recently began to use the ST Nucleo F401RE from STMicroelectronics. My goal is to use it with Matlab-Simulink to communicate with a pressure sensor (sdp611, data sheet attached) via I2C. I install the Hardwares Support Packages and begun with the "getting started" examples. There is an example making me believe that I'm doing something wrong. The example is: Read Temperature from I2c based Sensor using STMicroelectronics Nucleo Boards. Link: I just connected my microcontroller to the PC and ran the model in external mode (no sensor was connected with the micro-controller) and was able to get some temperature value!!! Furthermore, I tried to connect my sensor with the micro-controller(pin D15->SCL, D14->SDA using 10k pull up resistors). My sensor is not even influencing the value of the Master read block. My questions are: is there any method to make sure my sensor have been detected (like verifying its adress)? By using the Block "master read block" should the user first use the "master write block", to make possible the read operation? Are every sequence (start and stop sequence) already implemented in those blocks? Any advice or support will be welcome.

20 Sep 2019

Hi Sams,

It looks more like matlab issue, that's not my expertise, I can only give you some troubleshootings.

  • Do you pull up the i2c pin to 3.3V?
  • Is the i2c address correct?
  • Use a scope to check the waveform
  • Do cross-test on different platform and component

Hope it helps.

Thanks, Desmond

10 Oct 2019

You can simply connect the microcontroller to pc by using the sensor. It is the most popular way to connect the PC to the microcontroller. or instant support related to the AT&T Email Not Working please visit for the best solution.

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