porting something like ZMQ

07 Sep 2019

Hi, i have the same problem with Shareef Jalloq, but his topic seems not so attracting

"I'm looking for a simple message passing protocol that is supported on mbed. I note that there is support for MQTT but I was really looking for something brokerless like ZMQ. There seems to be an old port of a couple of the ZMQ functions for OS2 by a user, but that project is long since dead.

Are there any options I might have missed or is Arm working on porting something like ZMQ?

My end goal is really to have a TCP socket connection to an mbed and be able to interact with the mbed API's from a host. That host will likely be an RPi or equivalent so perhaps an option is to run a lightweight MQTT broker on that as well?"

10 Sep 2019

Hi Randy,

As I know, currently there is no plan for porting ZMQ on Mbed, we welcome you to contribute this part to Mbed!

Currently, the option for you goal might only be MQTT.

Thanks, Desmond

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