How to wkae up from sleep and deep sleep ?

11 Jun 2019


I am currently working on a weather station :sun_behind_rain_cloud:. This station will be connected to a CAN network. Also I have no trouble to collect data and to answer a CAN request by sending them. But in order to optimize my system, I would like to put it in sleep or deep sleep mode until a interrupt wakes it up when a CAN message is received. So here is my questions, is It right that an interrupt will wake up my system from sleep ? if It is wrong how should I proceed ? and can an interrupt also wake my system up from deep sleep (or it just work for sleep) ?

I’ll be glad to read your answers and give you further information if needed.

09 Oct 2019


I would recommend you to use sleep because CAN-bus can wake it. Look at these pages / examples from Mbed OS documentation: In deep sleep peripheral like CAN bus can't wake up the system. You will need interrupt IO pin for that. Wake up time from deep sleep is longer. It might be too slow for CAN receive. You have to test but start with normal sleep mode.

Regards, Pekka

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