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Ethernet to Wi-Fi?

05 Jun 2012

Proto-boarded a tiny news reader connected my home router via RJ-45. Using Nokia 6100 LCD display with Phillips PFC8833 controller. Thanks to Jim and XM for most of the code. It only reads "headlines", but that's OK, it works! Basic design shown in Cookbook, Internet of Things, last entry. I first used 16 x 2 LCD, and then went to Nokia graphic display.

My question: Like to try to connect this gadget to wireless,using the ethernet RJ-45 to connect. Is this possible? In other words, an ethernet to normal wi-fi Access Point. Show it off at Starbucks! I know most Access Points are USB.

05 Jun 2012
05 Jun 2012

Think I found a way to use my Wi-Fi laptop to get into network bridge mode. Thus, the mbed connects to the laptop through a turnover CAT-5 cable. mbed then sends a request to CNN to read news through the Wi-Fi laptop. Bridge enables this. I then receive news from laptop to mbed. I hope it works! Thanks for the tip about the device that will probably do the same thing. donde

07 Jun 2012

hi im trying to do the same as well. do you mind explaining to me how to connect to the wireless? currently whenever i want to connect to the internet, i have to connect my mbed module to the router, which is really inefficient.

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