how could i find xxx.o's source code ?

19 May 2019

I have downloaded a project ,this project have a file "\mbed\TARGET_NUCLEO_L476RG\TOOLCHAIN_ARM_STD\...", This file have many "xxx.o"files, i wana see these "xxx.o"'s souce code , I have tried download "mbed-Dev" and "mbed" ,but these libraries have no "xxx.o"'s source code . How could i find these source code ? Best regards.

16 Jul 2019

Hi Li,

Could you specify that where do you download the project?

Object files (*.o) are generated from source files (*.c, *.cpp), so you should be able to find them in the project, unless the project doesn't include those source files.

Anyway, you can find Mbed OS source files on GitHub.

Thanks, Desmond

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