Importing into compiler from SVN and unlocking code?

10 May 2012

I figured out how to import a library from an SVN URL but I can't right-click on it and make it "editable". Is there a way to make the library editable? I need to modify some settings in header files.

here are the the steps to reproduce the problem:

1. right-click on your project and choose "import library"

2. paste this into the source url field:

3. change target name to: lwip

4. click big import button

5. right-click on the "lwip" folder in the project and there is no option to make editable.

Please help!!!!

Thanks, Errol

10 May 2012

I think that version is only provided in binary format so that it builds more quickly. You could try this version of the library which includes source.

Hope that helps,


11 May 2012

Thanks Segundo. I use NetServices all the time. The EMAC lwip svn certainly does contain source code, I can see it. I am tempted to just import it one file at a time just to get it into my project in an editable state. I was just hoping there was a way to unlock it, or at least understand why its locked. I think its a bug in the new compiler. I will try the old version of the compiler (I'm using the beta) to see if that works and post my findings. The reason I need the raw lwip library (and not the one inside NetServices) is that I am doing very deterministic tcp packets, I have to transmit one packet per message to a server, Netservices tends to queue up several messages and send when its ready. lwip gives access to tcp_write, which allows directly writing to the output buffer, and tcp_output which immediatlely transmits whatever is in the buffer. It was a PITA to get it all working without the benefits of C++ encapsulation that NetServices provides but sometimes you just have to do it the old fashioned way. :)

Thanks, Errol