30 Dec 2009

Okay, I already posted about offline compiling in another message, but even without offline compiling (and I can understand this might not be a priority), I think it would be a very good idea to make the documentation available in an offline format ... having the handbook in .pdf format would be incredibly useful since at least one could be checking that out while working offline, if nothing else. Of course, what would be really nice would be if someone said "Dummy - it's in directory **** "


Dave Malham

31 Dec 2009

...and another suggestion - is there any way you could configure the compiler page so that when looking at documentation of class in the mbed library it would be possible to cut'n'paste code directly from it without having to go to either the handbook or the svn/api view? Okay, I have a dual screen the machine I am working on at present which makes this easier as I can have both open at once, allowing me to c'n'p from one to the other. However, when I'm not in front of this machine, I often work on my iBook, which doesn't have the room on screen to do this.