FTD FT232RI vs Internal USB on MBED

24 Apr 2012

My project will send data back and forth between the MBED and PC via USB. I see that the MBED has an internal USB D+ and USB D- and was wondering if I could use that instead of needing an exgternal FT232R USB to Serial chip?

Other than lower cost, what are the pros/cons for using the internal MBED USB vs using the FT232R chip? Are there and major techinical pros/cons?


24 Apr 2012

If you communicate over USB, you use USB D+/- and if you communicate over UART, an external USB UART IC is needed Advantages for UART chip see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_asynchronous_receiver_transmitter

24 Apr 2012

the internal USB in the MBED / LPC1768 Works very well, after all you are using the same function in the MBED'S magic chip.

the only slight downside is the additional USB code.

but there are examples of it in the cookbook.

you just need a USB socket and USB cable to your P.C.

unless you chop up a dead mouse or similar,

hope that helps