Wireless Vibration Sensor + Mbed cloud + google spreadsheet

20 Nov 2018

How can I send the values of wireless Vibration sensor https://store.ncd.io/product/industrial-wireless-vibration-and-temperature-sensor/ to google drive and save the data in CSV format there?

Is it possible to make the Mbed cloud platform act as a bridge?

I am connecting the gateway receiver with raspberry pi which is receiving the values of wireless sensor and I need to make the monitoring system for my poly house which helps me to monitor the reading online as well as offline.

Any suggestion will be a great help

07 Oct 2019

You can simply save the file in any format in the mbed cloud server. For instant support related to the Install AOL Desktop Gold please visit http://www.aolhelp247.com/install-aol-desktop-gold/ for the best solution.

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