Online compiler errors

07 Nov 2018

Today I needed to modify a program that has been running in one of our production test rigs for well over 2 years.

I am having multiple intermittent compiler errors (using the mBed LPC1768). None of them have to do with the program. Sometimes if I try to compile multiple times (up to 10) it may works and I'll download a working binary. Here's a screenshot of one of the outputs:


I was getting various different results (error messages) each time I compiled, but the above was the only screen shot I took. I need to complete this work but I can't compile due to this strange behavior. The enviroment is set correcly for the mBed1768 module.



07 Nov 2018

Hi Mike, Could you please check if updating the libraries helps? Also, could you let me know what kind of application you are compiling? I tried a sample application and updated the associated libraries and built for LPC1768. I was able to build it successfully. Please see screenshot attached.


Please let us know if that helps

Naveen, team mbed.