Programs to make the ANDROID application

17 Oct 2018

Hi, I would like you to advise me on possible ways to create an Android application for the mobile and that it was coordinated through the MBED environment. I make a brief summary of what I want to do:

I have a robot mounted and I would like to control it with an Android application via Bluetooth. For this, I have been looking for information on the Internet and I do not know if Android Studio would be the best way to create my application for free. My application would consist of something simple: 4 or 5 buttons to move the robot itself to one side or another and then put it more or less beautiful depends on the time you have. I do not know if I would have to make use of databases, but I think I would not need it because I would not have to collect any data, just hit an application button and that the robot itself performs the function indicated in the MBED itself.

Thank you !!