Porting mbed application to custom hw

04 Mar 2012

Suppose to port an mbed application running on mbed 1768 board to a Keil MDK1768 board using the export function of the online compiler: what classes/functions don't work on the custom hw? Is there a way to customize those classes/functions to work also on the MDK1768 board (of course writing some source code tailored to the new board)? I mean functions and classes dealing with the hardware at the lowest level (ethernet PHY for example).

04 Mar 2012

if you are porting code made with MBED Online compiler, then your Hardware will work fine, all you need to do is use Bin2Hex, and flash magic, have a look at some of my posts.

I have tryed Ethernet, but could not get it to work on my own PCB.

As for the other pins, they're all available, just need to declare them, same as normal .... DigitalOut myNewPin1 (P2_12).

if you get Ethernet working please shere !



04 Mar 2012

I mean on different hardware not using an mbed module on a custom board. I mean a different board based on LPC1768 that may use a different ethernet PHY and so on. What about file management? If I use an SD card or an external memory it may work but what happen to internal file management on mbed module? Can I redirect to a different peripheral or can I simply ignore their use?

04 Mar 2012

As the name MBED.LIB says, it is made for mbed. So why should it be compatible with custom HW?

04 Mar 2012

on MY custom hardware, I have uSD working, as well as ALL the normal MBED pins, SPI, I2C etc.

as mentiond so far the only thing not working is Ethernet.

I also have most of the other pins working

but I have not tested J tag.


the only 2 things that are special to MBED, are the file system, with the compile .. save file.

and the 'local file system'.


04 Mar 2012

I dont know about MDK1768 ( perhaps a typo ? ) but Keil MCB1760 is not custom hardware compared to mbed ! It is like mbed's older brother ! they are very similar , almost the same ... and they have the same ETH PHY National Semiconductor DP83848 http://www.keil.com/mcb1700/specs.asp

04 Mar 2012

@Rene I think that mbed library is well done. Thinking at mbed as a rapid prototiping when things go well it is necessary pass to a production phase and in this case will be very useful to know if mbed library may be used and what problems may arise.

@X M: mbed is not full generic hw, there is an i.c. marked mbed interface that I don't know what is and what is its function.

04 Mar 2012

Massimo Manca wrote:

@X M: mbed is not full generic hw, there is an i.c. marked mbed interface that I don't know what is and what is its function.

There a few key features of the mbed device that are provided by this IC:

  • Provides the USB device functionality that you get when connecting your PC to the mbed's built-in USB port:
    • Easy programming via USB mass storage device.
    • USB based serial port, allowing the PC to connect to UART0 on the LPC1768 with no extra hardware.
  • LocalFileSystem support which exposes the same FLASH storage used for the USB mass storage to your own mbed programs.
  • And whatever else I forgot :)
04 Mar 2012

You can also check out this notebook page of Chris's to get more information on going from prototype to production: http://mbed.org/users/chris/notebook/prototype-to-hardware/

05 Mar 2012

Thanks Adam.