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Is offline toolchain going to support LPC11U24

16 Feb 2012

Hi mbed team,

Is there any plan to support GCC offline toolchain for LPC11U24?

thanks in advance

16 Feb 2012

mataxa mataxa wrote:

Is there any plan to support GCC offline toolchain for LPC11U24?

The only issue that is stopping us from supporting the GCC offline toolchain for LPC11U24 is the memory space taken by newlib.

The ARM team that released the GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors is now working on reducing the newlib memory footprint. It will take different months.

To answer your question: Yes, there are plans to support it.

16 Feb 2012

Thank you for your reply.

09 Nov 2012

Is there any progress?

I still cannot export project for gcc arm.

07 Jan 2013

Oh no. I have just accepted the fact that I am not allowed to see/edit core drivers and only now I realize I can't use other compiler.

(I have one program jammed in online editor and I can't open it, it just says opening, please wait.)

I am losing my interest.

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