how can i reset mbed by coding

14 Dec 2009
  • Push the button!
  • Wire something to the nR pin, and pull it low
  • Send a "break" command over the USB Serial (e.g. in Teraterm, press "Alt+B")I saw three ways to reset mbed.
  •  I saw three ways to reset can i reset mbed by some codes in mbed.

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    14 Dec 2009 . Edited: 14 Dec 2009

    You can use undocumented mbed_reset() function. To use it, add:

    extern "C" void mbed_reset();

    somewhere before usage.

    16 Dec 2009

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    01 Jun 2012

    I have used this successfully on the MBED LPC1768, but now I've recompiled for the MBED LPC11U24; Reset no longer works, has anyone else noticed this?



    01 Jun 2012

    You can use the CMSIS function NVIC_SystemReset()

    There is always the alternative of setting the watchdog to a very short period and letting it reset the mcu.