mbed: can't import on osx

30 Apr 2018


I just installed hg, git, gnu arm, and mbed cli. I am trying to import my first project but I get an error message.

terminal command and response

Clarks-MacBook-Pro:mbed_projects clark$ mbed import https://os.mbed.com/components/X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1/
[mbed] Importing program "X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1" from "https://os.mbed.com/components/X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1" at latest revision in the current branch
[mbed] ERROR: Unable to clone repository (https://os.mbed.com/components/X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1/)

When I look at my bed_projects folder, there is nothing added. It is still completely empty.

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong and how I fix it?

14 May 2018

It seems you try to import a "component", which is a piece of hardware that is supported by MBED (correct me if I'm wrong..)

If you want to import the library you could try:

mbed import https://os.mbed.com/teams/ST/code/X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1/

I found the link to this library by pointing my browser to the url you tried to import.

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