Is mbed NXP board open source? Schematic/layout available for download?

19 Jan 2012


Just wondering if NXP's mbed board is open source with available schematic/layout for download.


19 Jan 2012

The schematic drawing for all 3 MBEDs are on this website. As well as a cheap version search : LPC mini. Additionaly, if you look for prototype to hardware, Some great work has by andy kirkman ?

Although not available is the MAGIC chip.

Hope this helps Ceri

20 Jan 2012

Thanks, Ceri. Could you kindly point to the links that have schematics?

20 Jan 2012

LPC11U24 Schematic:

LPC1768 Schematic:

Prototype to Hardware:

Also, just to prove it does work:



As for programming, Flash Magic works very well, and is not that daunting.

and hear is one (someone else) made earlier:

there is also a full list of the pins, #defined for your own board, but i could not find it this morning.

but if you want to make your own M0 board, I believe that the chip will not be available until end of MAY !!!!!

Hope this helps


21 Jan 2012

Thank you very much, Ceri for posting the links.

15 Jun 2014

AFAIK the interface IC part of schematic is incorrect. Is there latest version of schematic somewhere else ? The interface IC, LPC11U35 pinouts are different in original NXP document.