mbed SDK on LPC11U24 and LPC1768

18 Dec 2011


I'm tempted to buy the LPC11U2x, but it seems like your community has been built on the LPC1768. Will the existing code and libraries work with the LPC11U2x?



The mbed SDK has been designed to provide abstractions for prototyping with the MCU peripherals through an intuitive API. This abstraction layer hides the details and implementation of the underlying hardware, and so the features of the API do not relate directly to the features of the hardware. For this reason it has been possible to provide a consistent API between the LPC11U24 and the LPC1768, where the features of the hardware allows (there is no AnalogOut hardware on the LPC11U24, for instance)

You should find that any programs that are written using calls to the mbed SDK, i.e. no direct accessing of the hardware, should recompile and run seamlessly between the LPC1768 and LPC11U24.